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How did you opt to study in area of Physics?
This intention made me to pick this field.

My school life was so colourful. I had enjoyed a lot with my friends (Trips, Dinner, and Films etc.). But the actions we performed like village camps made my mindset to assist others. I learnt how to approach mathematics in my school days.

What are a few of the techniques that you use, to keep the pupils on your class interested about the program?
Before teaching a particular subject, I use to describe about the day to day application of this topic.

I believe students as my friends. I don’t scold my student friends in front of others. I enjoy my students, even for answering simple questions.

MCET is a really good spot to enhance and share knowledge. But the individual should have a fantastic self motivation to learn and develop.

What’s the best thing about being a Professor?
If not a professor then what could you’ve been?
I’d have been at a Textile Business.

What’s your take on Internships?
Internships provide a better ambience for pupils to become professionals. Well, they’re a terrific platform for students to find work experience during college days.

Your comments about Twenty19
Twenty19 is a really good platform for students to find awareness on businesses before joining as a worker.

Who’s your idol figure?
The Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is someone whom I respect.

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